At PDC Energy, our employees define our company culture as friendly, helpful, authentic and approachable with a healthy community focus.

As we envision our long-term business plan, we recognize a responsibility to both individual stakeholders and the community at large to create mutually beneficial relationships that endure. These relationships are based on our respect for each other, for members of the community, for the property of others and for the environment we all share. We encourage employees to act with integrity and in a highly ethical manner—for themselves as well as on behalf of the company—and to strive to be leading members of the greater community in which we live and operate

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PDC’s core values help shape decision making and differentiate PDC as an employer of choice.

We Live by Our Word

We strive to be fair and honest, maintain high ethical and moral standards, and are known for doing what we say we will do.

We Treat Stakeholders Fairly

We collaborate with our employees, investors, partners, service providers, and communities in a transparent manner that builds trustworthiness.

We Are Driven to Excel

We commit to achieve quality results through visible leadership, sound growth, financial discipline, innovation and continuous improvement.

We Are One Company

We succeed far beyond our individual contributions through effective teaming. Each of our roles are critical to ensure our collective success.

We Foster Success

We respect each other, the environment, and the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.

At PDC, our core values emphasize integrity and respect for the environment and for the health, safety and well-being of our employees and the communities where we live and work. We seek to live our core values every day. PDC is devoted to the responsible development of the resources that power our lives while putting forth proactive and sincere investment in the time and resources needed to create strong relationships with the communities where we operate. We reach out early and often – to share our commitment to safety and environmental protection, to listen to and address concerns, and to simply ask “how can we help support this community?” Often, the answer involves long-term partnerships with schools, local thought leaders and first responders.

Our annual employee satisfaction survey is a great source of pride as each employee, from all of our offices, is provided the opportunity for their voice to be heard. Over the past several years, this process has led to various cultural improvements, such as the implementation of paternity leave and a health and wellness reimbursement program.