PDC Energy evaluates acquisitions of both producing and un-drilled oil and natural gas properties in order to grow reserves, production and cash flow.

We are focused on potential acquisitions within our operating areas in the core Wattenberg Field and the Delaware Basin. Additionally, we may consider acquisition opportunities in other areas which meet its technical, operating and financial criteria.

PDC is focused on core area acquisitions which complement our existing positions in its core Wattenberg Field in Colorado and Delaware Basin in West Texas. We evaluate most acquisition opportunities in our core areas including producing properties with held-by-production leasehold and new primary term leases.

New basin acquisitions are concentrated in areas that align with our technical and commercial strengths; where scale, repeatability and large resource potential offer value-adding growth opportunities. We currently look more closely at liquid–rich property acquisitions. We are not focused on acquisitions of properties that include Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) projects or properties that are located in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast, or International plays.